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Faini Telecommunication Systems is an Italian Company originated in 1995 as an out source of the Antenna Division of the former Siemens Telecommunicazioni.

Since February 2014 Faini Telecommunication Systems is operating under the new legal name "Fabbrica Italiana Antenne - Faini Telecommunication Systems"

The Company is located in Monza area nearby the major microwave and mobile network system Radio manufacturers and is specialized in the design and fabrication of a full range of Antennas for Point to Point (PTP) and Point to Multi Point Radio Links as well as for special custom oriented applications.

In-house capabilities offer design services for special versions of antennas to be integrated to the Customer Radio Equipment according to their needs and up to 86GHz.

The Faini Telecommunication Systems Catalogue includes antenna types from 20cm up to 4m diameter sizes, covering frequency bands from 700MHz up to 86GHz and their characteristics are in accordance to the ETSI Standards claimed for their specific applications.

The Catalogue also includes a wide range of passive microwaves such as directional couplers, Orthomode Transducers (OMT), etc. for integrated and standing alone applications.