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Microwave & mmWave Radio Links Antennas

The antennas included in this product line follow the requests of the Telecommunication Markets and cover the frequency bands from 2GHz up to 86GHz and the size from 0.2m up to 4m. Depending on the antenna types, our design approach has been devoted to provide not only standard antennas but also antennas exhibiting exclusive characteristics such as high gain, low side-lobe levels, high cross-polar discrimination behaviour.

IPER (Improved Performance)
IPER (Improved Performance)

IPER Antennas are characterized by a serrated screening ring fixed to the reflector edge to improve the radiation characteristics by reducing  the spill-over , the wide angle side lobes levels and the Front to Back ratio ( as compared to that of the STAR antennas) with a corresponding improvement of the antenna directivity.IPER Antennas are a good ...

STAR (Standard Performance)
STAR (Standard Performance)

STAR Antennas family includes reduced cost antennas without mantel and protecting cover. These antennas   are widely used in applications where high front to back ratios and low side lobe levels are not mandatory requests.STAR Antennas can be supplied with aerodynamic radomes to reduce wind loads.   For further details, please do not hesitat...

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